Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Looking Glass Wars

When young Alyss Heart, the Princess of Wonderland, witnesses the deaths of her parents, the King and Queen at the hands of her Aunt Redd, she escapes by jumping into the enchanted Pool of Tears and entering London in the mid-18th century. After being placed in an orphanage she is adopted by an older couple that look down upon any talk of Wonderland and change the spelling of Alyss's name to "Alice."
When Alice decides she can trust in a local Reverend, she bares her soul and tells him all about her life in Wonderland, which the Reverend quickly produces a book about, what we know as "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Unfortunately, the Reverend filled the book with untruths about Alice's life, leaving her heartbroken and outraged. She simply wants someone to believe her and believe in Wonderland.

After over eighteen years of searching, Hatter Maddigan locates Alice in London, about to marry a Prince. He explains to her that she must come back to Wonderland and take her rightful place as Queen, saving her followers, called the Alyssians, from the continued wrath of her Aunt Redd. Alice is plunged back into her world of Wonderland, though it has been slowly destroyed by her Aunt and is in complete ruin, now run by the followers of Redd and her loyal companion The Cat.

Though this is nothing like Lewis Carroll's original story, it put a whole new twist on magical books. Beddor took a story that has been written, filmed, and loved by many children and adults and spun it into gold. I loved the battle scenes, I loved the fact that Alyss insists her name was never spelled "Alice" and I loved finding characters in different roles than they have ever been described before. This was an excellent book, one that I will be purchasing for my own shelves.


Beckyb said...

I have never read this - now it intrigues me -

BTW - check out my book blog - you WON!!! :)

Stephanie said...

OH...I really want to read this one!