Saturday, October 20, 2007


Over at While My Guitar Gently Weeps is the first mini-challenge I'm participating in. The rules are simple: just open the book you are currently reading to the first page and right a 4 (or so) line song based on what you read. The book I'm reading is a non-fiction selection by Randy Grim titled: Miracle Dog. Here's my "song:"

"They are beaten, they are battered, they are bruised.
They are caged, they are killed, they always seem to lose.
These precious dogs have often done no harm.
They can't help themselves, they look to us to keep them safe and warm.
How can we stand by letting sweet dogs die.
Their biggest challenge is simply to stay alive.
Adopt one, hug one, love one, do....
The biggest reward is that they will love you too..."

I never said I was a writer! There is a reason I like to read and not write! :-)


Chris said...

That's great and better than anythng I could do. Keep up the great reading!

Cheerleader Chris

BookGal said...

Great song! I couldn't have done that. Happy reading!

Dewey said...

Nice work! I like it.

Eva said...

I like it too! I felt silly about writing anything as well; I think a lot of us did. I like how a lot of the mini-challenges are pushing me beyond my comfort zone. :)

Nyssaneala said...

That's great for just coming up with that off the top of your head!!!

I have a special treat over at my blog for read-a-thon readers, come check it out!

Cheerleader Alisia