Tuesday, October 2, 2007

On Tour with Nicole Baart

In one of the best debuts by a new author that I have ever read, After the Leaves Fall introduces us to Julia, a young woman living with her grandmother on her farm after her father has passed away and her mother has left. She is a very smart 17 year old, though much too old for her time, having suffered loss after loss, most recently when her childhood love went off to college and came home the boyfriend of another girl. She makes the decision to take her life's path into her own hands and stop leaving it up to the Lord she no longer connects with.

Julia attempts to reinvent herself and travels off to college to study engineering. While trying to learn who the true Julia is, as well as escape her difficult past, Julia only becomes more confused and ultimately makes a choice that alters her life forever. She escapes back to her grandmother's farm, Julia must grow into herself and reconnect with God, or risk losing herself for good.

Personally, it is very hard for me to connect with first time authors and their novels the way in which I've connected with After the Leaves Fall by Nicole Baart. The characters are so very real and I related to the plot and Julia's different situations very closely. I also grew up without a father after he passed away suddenly and was thrust into a life where I no longer knew myself. I absolutely loved this book and cherish it's story. There is so much more to this novel than a coming-of-age story or a healing story. This is a book filled with heart, soul, and love.

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Beckyb said...

You said it SO well - this is an awesome read by a debut author! Can't wait to read the sequel!!