Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Tour With Rene Gutteridge and a DOUBLE Giveaway

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! In honor of this lovely holiday, I have a great giveaway for you....of a Christmas themed book. I know, I know, waaay too early to be thinking about Christmas, but it's never too early to read Rene Gutteridge.

Boo Humbug is the fourth book in Gutteridge's Boo series. In this installment we meet Lois Stepaphanolopolis, who is convinced that putting on a unique product of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is just what she needs to prove herself as a true writer and just what her town needs to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Lois enlists the help of Wolfe Boone, a man who simply wants a good night's sleep after helping his wife take care of their brand new baby. He believes that helping out with the play will give him some time to himself instead of constantly being at his wife's and his baby's beck and call. Unfortunately, Wolfe and Lois experience some creative differences about the play and he isn't quite sure he can stick it out through the whole production.

Also roped into helping out with the play is Alfred Tennison, a true hater of all things Christmas related. He isn't quite sure how he got involved with a Christmas play, but he knows he shouldn't be there. He doesn't have the guts to back out at the last minute, though he certainly wants to.

These three people have a huge task of getting the production of A Christmas Carol ready in time to open and manage to learn something about themselves in the process. With the humorous banter and quick wit the Boo series is known for, I had an awesome time reading this book. Best of all, the Christian aspects of the book are certainly noticeable, but are written in such a subtle way, rather than being preachy and awkward. Gutteridge is great at blending the spirituality of the characters with great plot lines.
If you are interested in purchasing the book, follow this link:

Leave a comment before Sunday night to win one of TWO copies of Boo Humbug. YAY!!


Becky said...

Please sign me up!

Kailana said...

I'm ready for Christmas! Sign me up!

Lesha said...

Count me in! :)

Debi said...

Oh, it sounds positively delightful! Do you need to read the other books in the series first, or will it stand alone?

Kristina said...

Count me in! I've read the first ones and loved them!!

Stephanie said...

I'm not anywhere close to being ready for the holidays!! But you can sign me up!

Amanda said...

I am a new reader of your blog...I am a qualified teacher currently being a SAHM with 3 book lovers for kids, so thanks I enjoy your blog.

And yes I would love to win a book.


Amanda said...

No Debi, you can read this as a stand alone. I did!