Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Crooked Kind of Perfect

I love quirky books....and this was a quirky book! Eleven year old Zoe wants nothing more than to become a famous concert pianist that is known world-round. She begs her parents to buy her a piano so she can take lessons, but unfortunately she ends up with an organ. A Perfectone D-60 to be exact. Though not exactly thrilled with her father's choice in musical instruments, Zoe begins taking lessons on the organ and convinces herself that this is just a small hiccup in her concert pianist dream.

As Zoe works towards her first recital and gets better at playing her Perfectone D-60, we also see her grow in other areas. Zoe gains more of a connection with her home bound father, finds a best friend in a boy named Wheeler, and even starts to understand her workaholic mother a bit better. Through all of her imperfect situations, Zoe finds perfection, leading the reader to smile all the way through.

Zoe was a great character with her realistic dialogue and thoughts. Her life was not the easiest to live, but she lived it well, mistakes and all. I kinda wish I could take organ lessons now. :-)


Becky said...

I loved, loved, loved this one.

Charley said...

I just loved this book, as did everyone at the bookstore where I work. I thought Zoe's father was so delightfully odd.