Friday, November 30, 2007

Elijah of Buxton

Elijah of Buxton, written by Christopher Paul Curtis, tells the story of 11 year-old Elijah. Though infamous for being the first child born into freedom in Buxton, Canada, Elijah is proclaimed "fra-gile" by his Mama and makes a lot of mistakes in his young life. When the Preacher he has known and trusted for years takes off with the money meant to buy a Buxton citizens family back, Elijah feels it is his responsibility to find the man and bring him to justice, proving to his Mama and the entire town that he is no longer "fra-gile."

There are parts of this book that are laugh-out-loud funny and there are other parts that are just downright said. The mixture of the two results in a story that is entirely realistic and incredibly enjoyable. Elijah was written as a great character and one with which children can relate to. The language in the book may be a bit hard to get used to at first, since a lot of it is written in a dialect, but it's easy to catch on to. It just made me read a bit slower at times, which I need to do anyways!
Not only did this book teach a lot about the history of slavery, as well as what slaves did once they were free, it was also an entertaining read. This is the kind of book that kids love, yet learn from at the same time (and they don't even know it!!). Overall, this was a good read and very deserving of its Cybil nomination!

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