Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hard Hit

This beautiful verse novel by Ann Turner follows sixteen year old Mike through a very difficult time. He appears to have the perfect teenage life, with a fantastic baseball record, a great best friend, and a very cute girlfriend, but things are turned upside-down when his father receives a phone call telling him he has pancreatic cancer. Mike, unable to deal with the diagnosis, proceeds to rid himself of all the good aspects of his life, focusing only on his father.

After bargaining back and forth with himself, as well as God, Mike comes to the realization that he cannot prevent the inevitable and needs to begin to grow back into the person he was before his father was diagnosed. When his father does succumb to the fatal disease, the reader is keeps the hope that Mike will not crumble, but instead be strong and move forward. The novel is short, but beautifully written and one that adults and kids alike can benefit from reading.

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