Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Tour with Tamara Leigh

This is the first book I've been introduced to by Tamara Leigh and after reading it very quickly, from cover to cover, I can definitely state that it will not be my last. I already have added her other books in this series to my Amazon WishList, at positions 1, 2, and 3!
27 year-old Harriet is a self-professed former wild child, determined to stay on a straight, responsible path in life. She has returned to her Christian roots, even working part-time for the women's ministry, as well as waitressing her butt off in her "spare time." Harriet truly believes she finally has her life under complete control, until she falls head-over-heels for a motorcycle, and the newest church staff member riding it. A former rebel himself, Maddox works on convincing the church that it could use some modernizing, but also works on convincing Harriet that change is not necessarily a bad thing.

Tamara Leigh created such a real, likable character in Harriet. I could see a lot of my pre- and post-saved self in her and it was comforting to know that I was not alone in some of my thoughts about complicated issues and my life in general. Even if it is only a book character, it is still nice to have a companion of sorts! I really enjoyed watching Harriet come into her own and makes changes along the way. Leigh did an amazing job at portraying real life situations and left me wanting more....always a good thing when a reader finishes a book. I can't wait to read her others!

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Cee Cee said...

I put Stealing Adda on my wish list! Now I have to order it.