Tuesday, November 20, 2007

These High, Green Hills

My third helping of Jan Karon begins with another journey into Mitford in These High, Green Hills. Focusing mainly on the new marriage between Father Tim and Cynthia, Karon keeps the reader laughing as the pair try to find ways to keep his huge dog and her prissy cat apart, as well as how to fit each other's furniture into their newly shared spaces. We also get more information on the beloved Dooley Barlowe and see how the Father and his wife survive being lost in a cave during a youth group camping trip.

Always funny, yet sweet and heartwarming, the Mitford series just keeps getting better and better. It's great to read about simple, Southern living during times when it seems society is constantly getting busier and crazier. Mitford may be fiction, but while reading it I am given hope that someday my children will be able to grow up in our own, personal Mitford.

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Kim said...

I am a HUGE Jan Karon fan, and I re-read the entire Mitford series every other year. The characters are like old friends to me now, and my books are ragged. I eagerly anticipate her latest release Home to Holly Springs. I hope you continue to enjoy the books! They really are wonderful!!