Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Wednesday Letters

The second book written by Jason Wright, The Wednesday Letters lives up to the words sappy and sentimental that so many reviewers use to describe it. After the deaths of both their parents, three siblings gather in their family bed and breakfast to go through their parent's things and determine what is to be done with the place. When a huge box of letters is found and several are read, the family discovers that their father wrote their mother a letter every Wednesday, without fail, throughout their entire marriage. Through these letters, the siblings learn more about their parents, as well as themselves, than they ever thought possible.

Unfortunately I wasn't entirely impressed with this book. I think it had great potential of being a great drama, with a slightly romantic twist, however the author spent too much time focusing upon the current lives of the married couple's children, rather than on the marriage and the letters. My book club recently chose this as our first selection, with the hopes of a sweet, light read, and though it was heavy on the "light" (pun definitely intended), the sweet wasn't quite sweet enough. We'll see what the other group members have to say.

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Jason Wright said...

So sorry you didn't enjoy it! But I do want to let you know about my money back guarantee. I will personally refund your money (or anyone else) that didn't enjoy the book. Just send me proof of purchase and donate the book to the your local library. Easy as that!