Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Edward's Eyes

Through simple language, but a powerful voice, Patricia MacLachlan brings us Jake and Edward, brothers that are three years apart. Jake remembers clearly the day his parents brought Edward home eight years ago and placed him in Jake's lap. From that moment on Jake and Edward has a special bond and Jake would swear that Edward was special. "It's his eyes" Jake says. "His eyes let him know things."

Jake and Edward spend hours playing baseball with their friends, reading books, and just being brothers. When their parents announce that they will be having another baby, Edward not only predicts the gender, but also tells his parents what the baby's name will be. He cannot wait to be a big brother, just as Jake was to him. When a tragedy strikes the family, Jake has to learn how to live his life again and how to allow Edward to somehow live his.

Edward's Eyes was a short book, but definitely packs a punch in its pages. Both Jake and Edward are written as normal, young boys, yet each has something special about him that many do not possess. It was beautifully written and definitely one of Patricia MacLachlan's best.

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