Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Book #10

Christmas Day in the Morning is written by Pearl S. Buck and illustrated by Mark Buehner. This was one of my favorite holiday books thus far and I hope that someday my children will do something like this for me!

Rob knows his father works very hard on their farm and Rob isn't always as helpful as he could be. It's very difficult waking up very early in the morning to help with the milking and the rest of his chores and it usually takes his father quite a few tries to actually get Rob out of bed in the morning. One night, Rob overhears his father telling his mother that he feels so badly each morning when he has to wake Rob up and wishes he didn't need his help quite so bad. Rob then feels guilty for his behavior and vows to surprise his father on Christmas morning.

The day comes and Rob wakes up hours earlier than usual and proceeds to complete all of the farm chores before his father even wakes up. He then sneaks back up to bed and pretends to be asleep when his father calls to him. When his father heads to the barn to start the chores without Rob, he is more than surprised, he is overjoyed at Rob's kindness.

This was a great story and one that kids can definitely take pointers from! Read it to them and maybe you'll wake up one morning with all of your chores already completed!


flmom said...

This is one of my favorite children's books. I always choke up reading the story. I, too, hope my children get a hint from it. :-)

3M said...

I'll have to read this sometime!