Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Book #3

Frank McCourt, infamous author of the memoirs Angela's Ashes, Tis', and Teacher Man, has written this adorable children's Christmas story, based on an experience of his mother's when she was a young girl. It is a story of innocence, love, and certainly compassion, traits all children need to learn to experience.

Young Angela sees the Baby Jesus lying in the manger in front of the church a few days before Christmas and instantly feels sorry for him. She believes he must be freezing, lying in a bed of hay with no blanket or any clothes on. Though she knows she may get into trouble, she takes the Baby Jesus home and manages to sneak him into her bedroom, simply to keep him warm through the snowy night. When her mother finds out, she can't decide whether to be upset with Angela or not, nor can the policeman that have been sent out looking for the Baby Jesus. All Angela wanted to do was to warm Jesus, knowing how often he sends warmth for others.

The ending is a happy one, of course, but it is also sweet. Children will love the concept of Angela taking the Baby Jesus home in order to keep him warm, but they will also be able to grasp the messages in the book. There is a deep religious message, as well as ones of compassion for others, love for one's family, and having a good spirit during the holiday season.

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cipriano said...

Excellent review.
Thank you, Amanda.
I have seen this book, picked it up, and wondered whether it is worth buying as a gift. I love Frank McCourt's other writings.
If I do not have occasion to speak with you between now and Christmas, I wish you a merry one!