Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Book #5

I knew I would eventually get a day behind, it was only a matter of time. With finals this week life has just been a bit too crazy for my liking! Anyways, on to our holiday book of the day.

An Angel Just Like Me by Mary Hoffman, is one of the better stories I've read about differences in people in a long time, plus it has a holiday base, making it perfect for one of my selections. Tyler, a young, African American boy, loves Christmas. His favorite part is taking out the cherished angel decoration that has been in his family for years. When it breaks and his family must find a new one, he begins to wonder why none of the angels in stores look like him. Why are there not any African American angels? Why are all the angels White? He even starts thinking about the Baby Jesus and how he was Jewish, yet he doesn't look Jewish at all. Tyler and his friends, all from different backgrounds, want angels that look like them too...and someone might just grant them that wish for Christmas.

This was a fantastic book for teaching about differences in children, as well as bringing up questions that children may have about different backgrounds. The holiday part of the story is cute as well, with lots of tree trimming, mall shopping, and Santa action. The illustrations, done by Cornelius Van Wright, are perfect for the story and lovely for the holiday season.

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