Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holiday Book #6

The Littlest Christmas Tree, written by Charles Tazewell and illustrated by Karen A. Jerome, tells the story of the Birthday Tree. Every year on Christmas Eve, the Lord's Son goes into the forest to choose a Birthday Tree. The angels are in an excited uproar each year, frantically trying to guess which tree will be the lucky one. This year however, the choice is quite strange and unexpected.

Meanwhile, on Earth, an orphaned little girl is determined wants so badly to have a Christmas tree and a home to spend the Jesus's birthday in. Desolate, sad, and impoverished are only a few words to describe what the world has the town has become, it's leaders being the homeless boys that run the streets. The head of the group of boys takes pity on the the little girl and decides to drag home a scraggly, tiny tree for her. After decorating it with pieces of broken glass, all of the children hang their personal wishes on the tree and the little girl manages to find hope and love, amidst war and poverty.

Cheerful this book is not, however it has a great message to present to the luckier children of the world. During this time of war and often economic distress all over the world, children still forget that they are extremely lucky for just being able to celebrate Christmas with their families. This one is an eye opener, but written in a way that children can understand and appreciate.


Jo said...

What a heart-warming story! I love your blog and am glad to find someone who loves diving into books, and eating chocolate!
- Jo

Amanda said...

YAY!! Chocolate and books!! Have a Merry Christmas Jo!