Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Book #8

If you're looking for a silly, rhyming book for the holidays, this was a great selection. Are Your Grumpy, Santa? written and illustrated by Gregg and Evan Spiridellis is very funny! Santa Claus is just having a plain ol' bad day. Christmas Eve is supposed to be his most successful night of the year, but everything is going wrong! The elves shrink his Santa suit, a poodle decides Santa is fun to chase around, and then he gets stuck in a chimney. Not only that, but he gets poked by a cactus, stubs his toe, slips on a noodle, and at breakfast, Mrs. Claus decided he was now on a diet!

Poor Santa definitely had a bad day, but kids will love laughing at the story. The illustrations are great, especially the drawing of Santa's grumpy faces on each page and the rhyming is really funny. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I don't even believe in Santa anymore!


Susan said...

My kids ADORE this book. It makes me smile, too.

Amanda said...

Susan, this was a new one to me this year, but I loved it! So glad I picked it up!