Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tall Tales

Tall Tales written by Karen Day, seemed like such a simple story at the beginning, and quickly blossomed into something much more intense. I was definitely pleasantly surprised!
Meg Summers is the new kid, yet again at her school, and just wants to make a friend so badly. Each time she gets close to someone, they move again thanks to her dad, and she is left with no one. She starts to tell little white lies to the kids in her new class, believing it won't make a difference anyways, but when she sees it begin to make the kids like her, the stories get bigger and more elaborate. Meg starts to feel guilty about never telling the truth, but knows she can't turn back. She especially can't stop telling the lies that keep her new friends away from her house. Then they'll find out her dad drinks. A lot. And that her family is actually falling apart. Her new friends can't know that or they won't like her anymore. Pretty soon, Meg has told so many tall tales that she has no idea who she has said what to. Immediately, she feels even more lonely than before and knows that something drastic must change in her life for happiness to ever settle in, no matter how many "friends" she currently has.
This book was awesome, but definitely for an older, middle grade crowd. 10-12 I would say. A lot of difficult issues are discussed in the book, though in a very classy and "child like" manner, still recommended for the more mature kid. I can't wait to get my hands on more by Karen Day! Write faster please!

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Karen Day said...

Thanks, Amanda, for taking the time to read TALL TALES and for posting such a nice review. My next book, NO CREAM PUFFS (also MG), will be out May 13, 2008, also with Wendy Lamb at Random House. Best of luck with your studies.

Karen Day