Thursday, January 31, 2008


Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul was written by both John and Stasi Eldredge and contains intense themes in learning to love one's self and be true to who we are as woman. It is both simplistic and very deep at the same time, allowing the reader to take common concepts such as beauty, heartache, and womanly roles, and examine them with a Godly depth. The restoration of a woman's heart is key in this book and the authors slowly reveal how easy it is to reach one's desires, as well as look to Godly women as role models in this process, rather than public figures.

Though at times a bit repetitive, I learned was educated about both God's will for myself and personal character traits, and came to understand why so many people love books by John Eldredge. The writing style is pleasant and the concepts easy to understand, as well most importantly encourages an excellent connection and relationship to the Lord. Most of the ideas in the book did not seem to be incredibly unique, focusing on what God wants from us as women, which has been the topic of many books, but were delivered in an appropriate manner which will please readers.

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Reading Outside The Box said...

I read this book last year on the recommendation from a friend.

For me, it gave me a point of view I had never considered before. I took a new look at myself while reading this book. It was a new way of looking at myself.

I don't remember too much else from the book. I know that there were things about it I didn't particularly care for, but I can't remember what they are (helpful, I know!). I rarely read Christian "self-help" type of books because I think they tend to be of the "feel-good" variety. I think if a woman is questioning herself on why she thinks/feels a certain way and not another, this book could be helpful.