Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover

It's my first review in almost a month! YAY!! For those of you who want baby updates, everything is going well, besides still being very tired. We've had our first doctor's appointment and a whole bunch of blood work, which we're assuming will come back fine. Our due date was moved up to August 10th (wahoo, a whole day!!) and other than that we're on schedule! More on Baby Snowflake as it comes!

Today I'm talking about Mitali Perkin's latest book, First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover. Now, I love Mitali Perkins and all of her work. Unfortunately, this one wasn't my favorite, though I definitely think it will be very appealing to younger girls. We meet Sameera, the 16 year old daughter of a United States Presidential candidate and basically follow her through the trials of being in the public eye constantly. Sameera, or Sparrow as her family and friends affectionately call her, is a very independent girl and though she loves the makeover she is given, she is so sure about changing her name to "Sammy," giggling at reporters, and pretending she doesn't understand the politics her father stands for. Not to mention the racist comments she gets a lot. Geez, just because she is Pakistani and the adopted daughter of her parents shouldn't mean anything! Well tell that to the paparazzi!

This novel was cute and Sameera is definitely an awesome role model for young girls. However, if there was one thing that "annoyed" me about the book, it was the amount of times the name "Sparrow" was used. Seriously, I know it's a nickname and all, but if I'm in a room with my friends and family, they don't put my nickname in every single sentence they say to me! On one page I counted the name Sparrow 8 times. I think by that time she would know that the person talking to her was indeed talking to her! I know, I know, over critical again. I can't help it! Other than that, the book was a nice, refreshing look at a young girl thrust into the spotlight and I'll be sure to read the sequel which is being published soon.

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