Friday, January 25, 2008


Oh cookies. How I love cookies...and book covers with cookies on them. And when the ARC came in the mail, it came with candy. Yes, CANDY! Yum!

Sweethearts begins with the story of Jennifer and Cameron, two social outcasts just trying to get through elementary school alive. Though boys and girls didn't usually pair up as best friends in the lower grades, Cameron was Jennifer's only friend and therefore her best by default. Jennifer is heartbroken when Cameron suddenly disappears. He stops coming to school and is nowhere to be found in the neighborhood, leaving Jennifer to fend for herself against her classmates.

As the years pass, Jennifer slowly reinvents herself, morphing into Jenna, a pretty, popular girl with the hottest boyfriend. She is no longer chubby, has tons of friends, and loves life, though always remembers the dark secret tying her to Cameron and her childhood. When Cameron suddenly reappears in her life, Jenna is forced to confront her past and her new found present.

Sara Zarr is the author of the fabulous Story of a Girl, a book that tugged at my heartstrings the entire way through. She definitely did not disappoint with this second novel and left me excited for a third! Oh and did I mention the cover art? There is a single picture of a pink frosted heart cookie. A delicious heart cookie. And how do I know it's delicious?? Oh...I just do. I want that pink frosting! And another Sara Zarr book!


Becky said...

I finished this one last night and it was so so so so good. I loved it :)

tinylittlelibrarian said...

I just ordered this one for my library - I'll definitely have to read it when it comes in. Even without your review, I was already pretty sold by the yummy cover art, but you've convinced me even more! :)