Friday, February 8, 2008

Alice in Rapture, Sort Of

How glad am I that I chose the Alice books for Caribou's Mom's Themed Reading Challenge? Oh, so glad! I am having a blast reliving one of my favorite childhood series and I'm only on book two. I loved this when I was younger and I'm loving them now!

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a genius for thinking up such a real-to-life character in Alice. In Alice in Rapture, Sort Of, Alice is just getting into what her dad calls "Summer of the Boyfriend." At the end of the last book, Alice and her first-ever boyfriend, Patrick, finally started going steady and this summer will bring a lot of time to spend together. Of course things do not run as smoothly as Alice would like, but throughout the summer she learns how to kiss and with some help from her friends and family, what type of bra to where, what to buy gifts to buy for a boy's birthday, and how to eat at a fancy restaurant without parents in sight.
Though Alice's mother is not around to answer all the questions she has, Alice does a very real job at figuring out life for herself, with just a tad bit of help along the way. Embarrassing moments ensue, but really, whose life isn't filled with embarrassing moments??
Even though this series was written mainly in the 80's, the character of Alice still rings very true. She has real life mishaps as she tries to impress her first boyfriend and stumbles along the way while becoming a teenager. Again, I'm so glad I chose this series to read for this challenge, all of them will make great rereads for me or great first reads for some of you out there! This particular book was hilarious, as was the first, and I really enjoyed it.


Kristina said...

I passed an award to you! Have a great day =)

master mistery said...

Hi Amanda, love your site. I think that so-called children's books are often more interesting and satisfying to read than adults'.

There is one book and one series of books that I remember with great fondness from my childhood:

Milo and the Phantom Tollbooth (can't remember the author, sorry)

and any of the "Uncle" books by J.P. Martin.

If you haven't already done so, you might want to track these down: well worth the effort.

If you are interested, here's a link to my blog, Cosmic Rapture.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Amanda: I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. I noticed Greetings from Nowhere is in your wish list! First of all, thanks! But second of all, head over to my blog and check out my post about winning a signed copy:

And congratulations on your soon-to-be new baby!!!
Barbara O'Connor