Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Update

I've had several emails from blogger friends asking for baby updates, so I figured it was time for a post. I'm just going to repost the email we recently sent out to our friends and family... it pretty much covers it all for now!

On Tuesday the 5th we had our 2nd appointment with our midwife (who is amazing by the way) and got to hear little Snowflake's heartbeat for the first time. She found it in about 3 seconds and it was beating, loud, clear, and fast! Right at about 150 beats a minute, which is perfect. That was our first "surreal" moment, that we really have a baby on the way! We actually got to hear it, which was awesome. We've had several people already give boy/girl guesses based on the heartrate, so we would love to hear what everyone thinks!

Unfortunately, my blood pressure was a little high (what else is new, right?) so I had to spend Wednesday doing a bunch of tests just to make sure it's not hurting the baby. It's not at a horribly high level at this point, just about 140/90 so the midwife isn't even worried about it, she hasn't even put me on medication yet, but the tests will show exactly what the blood pressure is doing and if it's affecting the baby at all. If it is, which is doubtful, I'll just have to go on medication to bring it down a bit right away. If it's not, I won't start the medicine until the beginning of next month.

At the end of February we have an appointment with a geneticist to talk about the chances of the baby being born with congenital glaucoma, as Aaron's niece was. The chances are about 1 in 5 million, but our midwife thought it would be a nice thing for us to talk with this we get an extra ultrasound out of it. No testing will be done or anything, we're just going in to have a chat about it and then see Snowflake for the first time. :-) 16 weeks is also the point where sex can be determined and that's right where we'll be, so we're crossing our fingers that the first ultrasound will show the sex. If not, we will have another one about a month later.

That's really all the news I have! I haven't been sick at all (a blessing, believe me) and still have a good appetite. No real belly yet, it's still very small, but I know that's coming! We've been looking around at nursery decors and baby furniture (we know what tax money is being used for!!) but other than that life has been normal! We plan to come up to NY for a baby shower towards the end of May, so we'll let everyone know those plans as they're made. For now, just keep us and the baby in your prayers, as well as Heather and Jeremy whose little Bumper is due next month! YAY for a new niece or nephew!! Can't wait to meet that baby!!

That's all for now folks! I'll send another update around the end of the month!


Katya said...

Congratulations! I didn't know about the baby.

S said...

High bp is dangerous. Eldest sat at 150/90 for 6wks and the youngest jumped from normal to 170/110 in days near the end. Born 13 days early.

The meds are dangerous. My friend - who has normal high bp - had to change meds to find ones they knew were safe.

Btwn gene's, high bp and prenatal care (which included midwives so I think my bp was dealt with as quickly as it should have been) I am certain this is why we have autism and either end of the spectrum.

Feet up.


S said...

This is the link I wanted. I've been keeping the legitimate research links.

Can't do much about it. But it's interesting.


Amanda said...


I know that high bp is dangerous, as I've dealt with it for the last six years. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped taking my medication and they are putting me on a new one, a safe one, soon, it just hasn't been necessary yet. I realize that you were probably just trying to help, but scaring me by bringing autism, premature birth and dangerous medication into the comment wasn't really very helpful. That's just going to raise my blood pressure more, causing me to worry all the time.

I realize that blood pressure is a dangerous thing to be dealing with, hence the reason I take mine every day at home, watching to make sure nothing unusual happens. My midwife is also watching it closely.

I post these updates because blogging friends request them and I like keeping people informed and having them get excited along with me. This is my first baby and I'm already nervous enough, I don't need to be terrified the entire time that something is going to be wrong with my baby due to things beyond my grasp.

Again, I'm sure you weren't trying to be hurtful, but throwing scary info out there like that was very helpful either.

Amanda said...


Thanks! I posted the news a little over a month ago, but it's probably gotten lost in the book reviews! I'll be posting updates once every month or so. Hope you'll follow along!

Katya said...

I think it did get lost in the book reviews for me -- I just didn't see it. And I will follow along to see how you are doing.

Kristina said...
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