Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull

Any book that promises children, mystery, humor, and candy, has me intrigued! In this adorable story by Brandon Mull, we meet Summer, Pigeon, Nate, and Trevor. The four kids begin helping out at a new candy store in town in exchange for candy, rather than pay. The candy at this shop is different than any other candy the children have ever tasted and slowly, the shopkeeper, sweet Mrs. White, lets them in on some of her candy making secrets, all the while making them perform stranger and more odd jobs around in exchange for the precious, and often magical, candy.

The Candy Shop War contains all the makings of a great adventure story, with a few quirks here and there. The kids are believable and the candy, lots of fun. There are plenty of bad guys, trying to get in on the secrets of the candy, a great infusion of action as the children attempt to ward off a rival candy seller. Though not the best of Brandon Mull's work, this chunk of a novel is a lot of fun and works as a great read aloud for parents and their children.

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