Monday, February 11, 2008

Deep Green by Melody Carlson

Deep Green by Melody Carlson, is the second in the True Colors series, though it could easily stand alone. In this installment we meet Jordan, a high school girl smitten with Timothy, a gorgeous, popular boy in her class. Unfortunately, her best friend Shawna is dating him and isn't giving him up. When Timothy approaches Jordan to be his girlfriend instead, she jumps at the chance, not really caring what Shawna will think. Shawna soon rips back Timothy, tempting him with impure offers he can't refuse, causing a horrible love triangle between the three former friends.

As the novel progresses, Jordan feels her need for Timothy diminish into a need for something more. When her friend Kara, the main character of Carlson's previous True Colors book, Dark Blue, introduces her to Jesus (for the millionth time it seems) Jordan's attention is finally grabbed and she begins to understand how important a relationship with God truly is. Her determination to "win" at the love triangle game almost took her to a level that she never could have gone back from, a place the Lord would have been very disappointed to see her go. Luckily, Jordan is able to turn her life around for the better and begin to follow Jesus and his teachings.

Though I didn't like this one quite as much as I liked Dark Blue, the message in Deep Green rings loud and clear. Jesus is the right choice and following one's own heart is not necessarily always the correct path. I felt the ending was a little too good to be true, only because it was not too long ago that I was in high school and witnessing things like this happening all the time. Though I wish it had, the outcome rarely turned out as it does in Carlson's book. Wishful thinking maybe. Something I will teach my own children? Definitely.
One more challenge book down!

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