Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

When Sam is almost eleven years old, he discovers a locked box in his attic, along with a piece of paper saying something about him being a missing child. Sam has lived with his grandfather for as long as he can remember and has had trouble reading for just as long, but has never questioned why he is where he is, or why he has terrible nightmares about the number eleven. Now Sam is not only having nightmares every night, but he also doesn't know if Mack is really is grandfather or if he is related to the man at all.

Sam soon gets paired up with the new girl at school, Caroline, to work on a school project, and he decides to enlist her help in solving this strange mystery of his life. Caroline always has her nose in a book, so Sam believes she can decipher the article and what the meaning may be. Unfortunately, Caroline is leaving school very soon, so the pair must hurry to answer the questions surrounding the newspaper article and the locked box in the attic.
This short novel for middle graders by infamous author Patricia Reilly Giff, is filled with personal discoveries for young Sam. He not only learns more about his past than he ever bargained for, but he also discovers a lot about friendships, family relationships, and how very ok it is for him to be himself. Sam may not be the smartest boy in school, but he has talents that go way beyond school, including a knack for being a great friend and grandson. If you've liked Giff's other work, you won't be disappointed with this title.

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