Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Name of This Book is Secret

I love books like this! Just by the title it is evident that the story is going to be mysterious, fun, and probably quite humorous, and this book was definitely all of those things. The author, a one Pseudonymous Bosch, is a mysterious character in himself (or herself) and that just starts the ball rolling.

Readers are introduced to The Name of This Book is Secret with big, bold lettering on the first page demanding: DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS PAGE. Apparently the secret the book holds is so much of a secret that reading it will ultimately put the reader in danger. Finally, the author decides to fill us on in the story, with fake names and places of course, as long as we promise to forget everything we've read as soon as we've read it. Intriguing isn't it?

We then get to meet Cass and Max-Ernest (fake names, don't forget) who embark upon a journey to discover the big secret. All sorts of different, crazy, odd things play a part including carnivals, a smell symphony, immortality, and awesome lip gloss, creating quite the puzzle for both the characters and the reader. There is also a very strange mixture of oddball characters, each with their own plan for solving "the big secret."

Though a chunker in size, this book definitely reads quickly and has short chapters (always appealing). There is some talk about violence, so I would definitely lean towards older middle grade students for the appropriateness level, but you be the judge for your own kids. It is very comparable to A Series of Unfortunate Events in both content, reading level, and subject matter. I had a lot of fun while reading this and found myself chuckling in quite a few parts. It's a great book for both boys and girls, as well as being excellent for read alouds.


Becky said...

I loved this one as well.

Amanda, a picture book you should be on the look out case you haven't seen it Ma, Theres Nothing To Do In Here by Barbara Park. Definitely a must read :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Becky! I haven't heard of that one yet, so my eyes are open. Since you liked it so much I'll probably just go ahead and order it for the library...I trust your judgement!