Sunday, March 9, 2008

2 Alice Books

My selections for the Themed Reading Challenge, hosted by Caribou’s Mom, are going quite quickly, though I’m starting to think I may have chosen a few too many! Nothing else is new; I always pick too many books for challenges, but I’m definitely enjoying rereading these books I loved in grade school. At any rate, I completed two more this week and from now on will probably be reviewing them in blocks of two.

In Reluctantly, Alice our hilarious main character starts seventh grade, not happy about being on the lowest rung of the school ladder. She decides, however, that she is going to spend her year being the most likable girl in school, friendly with everyone, hoping that will make seventh grade the start to a great high school career. Unfortunately, Alice does not realize she will soon have Denise, who goes by the nickname “Mack Truck” and is the school bully, on her back.

Alice is also dealing with the constant woman troubles her father and older brother are going through. Being the only female in the house, Alice feels she has a responsibility to watch out for both men, but often only makes things worse for the pair, including inviting both of Lester’s ex-girlfriends over at the same time and planning a date for her teacher and father, without the knowledge of either.

Just as funny as the first two, Naylor has done Alice justice with this third installment in the series.

All But Alice seems like a somewhat stagnant fourth book, after coming from such a funny third book. Not a whole lot of excitement happens in this one, though Alice does get her ears pierced and Patrick kisses her. The storyline is based on Alice wanting to be part of the in-crowd, no matter how boring the things the in-crowd are doing. Through the book she works out whether or not being a part of that group is really worth it and what else she would rather be doing.

Alice is still at the crazy “help her father and brother with women” plight, which is always funny. Marilyn is back in the picture with Lester, which then makes Crystal show up and Alice becomes a bit hurt when she finds out her father and teacher have been dating without telling her.

Two more down, 13 to go!

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