Friday, March 28, 2008

Astro Socks by Leigh Le Creux

What an interesting little book! Have you ever just come across a book that had somewhat of a strange concept, but in the end it really worked? That would be this selection for me. At the beginning I was slightly confused as to where the story would go and just how the author was going to get it told in only about 70 pages, yet at the end I was very happy the way it turned out.

Astro Socks is written by Leigh Le Creux and illustrated by the students of her son’s fifth grade class. How cool is that?! The reader meets Christopher, a loving ten year old that though slightly jealous of his new baby sister at first, discovers he really wants to help her out with a problem she’s been dealing with. You see, Rachel, the baby sister, has chubby little infant legs. As Chris describes them they are somewhat like chicken drumsticks and they just won’t hold onto the baby socks she wears, resulting in them always flying off her feet. Chris becomes determined to invent a pair of socks that will stay on those chubby little legs and feet and still be cute.

Chris begins dreaming up ideas for the socks and even emails the head of a giant company that produces all kinds of neat stuff, wondering why they have nothing of this sort in their stock of products. Through emails with Mr. Crosby, as well as his own imagination, Chris slowly becomes the main inventor of Astro Socks. Chris didn’t just dream about being an inventor, he actually became an inventor! He followed his idea and at the end of the book, gets what many kids have only dreamt about.

I can just see kids rooting for Chris throughout this entire book. So many children want to invent something cool or even just do something different, yet only really ever dream about. The main character of this short book shows those kids that when imagination and determination are combined, anything can be accomplished; a lesson we are always trying to teach our children, yet Le Creux does it in a fun and creative way!

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