Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finding Home by Sandra Markle

Maybe it's just my pregnancy hormones, but this book made me bawl like a baby! A picture book for young children, this story focuses on the consequences bushfires can bring upon wildlife and the motherly love and devotion that can be seen truly be seen in animals, as well as in humans.

Sandra Markle, along with illustrator Alan Marks, create a beautiful book surrounding the true story of a mother koala and her determination in protecting her joey from harm. When bushfires begin attacking their home forest, forcing them to lose all sources of shelter and food, the mother koala knows she must now seek refuge elsewhere, a task much easier said than done. Through injury and exhaustion, the mother koala never loses focus on her goal and always keeps her joey safe.

This fantastic book includes not only the beautiful story, but also facts about koalas and an author's note explaining the basis for the book and what happened to the mama koala and her joey. The illustrations are amazing as well, allowing me to truly love the entire package. This is a great book for teaching children about animals and the dangers they face in the wild. It's sure to evoke questions, which is always a great asset to reading any book to kids! This selection will definitely have a place on our library shelves in the near future!

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