Saturday, March 1, 2008

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Oh what a doozy of a book this was! Spanning over 30 years, this book took me close to a week to read, simply because of how intense the plot was. I could only read it in small doses, then allowing my brain to slowly soak in the depth of the relationships I was reading about. Having read Kristin Hannah plenty of times before, I was expecting mainly a romance, with a somewhat happy ending. What I actually got was a friendship unlike any other and the ability to understand just how an author can grow as he or she continues in their writing career. If I wasn't aware of who the author was, I never would have guessed it was Hannah, though as a fan of hers, I am so proud.

Kate and Tully meet when they are very young girls, Kate being the "normal" one, from a strong family, Tully being the wild child with the drug addicted mom. The two girls couldn't possibly be more different, yet were so much alike because of their desire to just be wanted. Kate felt ordinary and Tully felt lost, leading the two to become extremely close. When Tully's mom abandons her, yet again, Kate's parents take her in, making her not only an honorary daughter, but also Kate's sister.

The pair swear to always do everything together and through high school they do just that. When they get to college they both decide to study journalism, after Tully convinces Kate they can be the next big news team. Kate isn't exactly happy in journalism, but she doesn't want to break her promise to her best friend.

Fast forward ten years and the girls, have definitely gone their separate ways in life, though are still as close as ever. Tully has climbed her way to the top of the news world, though discovers life is actually quite lonely when you're all alone at the top. Sure, she has plenty of men eating out of her hand, but she doesn't have what Kate has. Kate is a stay-at-home mom with a great husband and a seemingly simple life. The only problem being, her husband was in love with Tully first and hasn't seemed to let that flame die.

Through the course of this novel we get glimpses into the lives of the rich and the normal. How two girls so very different from the start ever began a friendship, not to mention maintained that friendship is quite puzzling, yet Hannah pulls it off. These girls have their fights, some huge ones, and at some points in the book I definitely couldn't stand Tully and often felt sorry for Kate. Kate's life is relatable and Tully's somewhat desirable, yet the pain she always seems to be experiencing left me never wanting to be in her shoes.

Again, this novel is very intense, but I feel it is one of Hannah's best novels to date. Typically a quick-read writing style, this book definitely swayed from the norm and became something I often had to put down or I felt my mind would explode. I think I need to go back to children's books for a week or so before picking up another adult title!


Heather said...

This book sounds awesome! Are there any other Kristin Hannah books that are just as good? I've actually never heard of this author, and now I'm intrigued.

Amanda said...

My favorite book by Krisin Hannah is Magic Hour. The others are good too, but have a little too much romance in them for my liking. Magic Hour and Home Again are great.

Mollie said...

I got an ARC of this through LibraryThing but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Sounds pretty good. Not sure I'm up for something so intense though.

Barbara said...

This is the first book I read by Hannah and I found it to be moving. I was on home on a vacation day and read it in one day. The themes of friendship and family are univeral but Hannah did not trivialize either one in her novel.