Sunday, March 30, 2008

Matthew Livingston and the Prison of Souls

In a very small package, this book packs a pretty large punch! Matthew Livingston and the Prison of Souls is written by Marco Conelli, an author that I must admit I had never heard of until I received an email about this particular book, though if enough people learn about this title, I know we'll be hearing a lot more about him, as long as he keeps writing books that is!

Dennis Sommers has a problem. All the money he had from selling tickets to the Hard Rock Band Competition was stolen from his locker and he has to figure out who took it, and get it back, before the night of the concert. He immediately enlists the help of his friend Sandra and the infamous Matthew Livingston, a guy Dennis thinks is a complete genius. Hey, if Matthew can solve a mystery the way he plays chess, that counts for something right? While conducting an intense search for the money, using mainly the internet as their guide, the trio not only found the thief, but also discovered a conspiracy recruiting teens to commit crimes around town. During a huge confrontation with the "bad guy," Dennis, Sandra, and Matthew have some things go wrong, some go right, and may just turn out to be heroes.

Though only 95 pages long, this book is geared towards young adults (though this adult was pretty happy with what she read). The story line is exciting and fast paced, keeping the pages turning. My only real "complaint" with the book is the size...if I were to purchase this for the library, where I know it has the ability to circulate well, it would get lost on the shelves. It's very small in height, not only 6 inches, and as far as I can see is only published in paperback, making it very easy to lose on a shelf filled with large hardcovers. Other than that, it was a fun mystery and one that will make kids think as they read...always a plus!

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