Monday, March 31, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: The Bat-Chen Diaries

Bat-Chen Shahak was an ordinary girl, living in Israel in 1996, when she was killed by a suicide bomber while shopping. This short book contains photographs, postcards, poems, and little bits of life that Bat-Chen kept in a diary up until her death.

Pretty self-explanatory and will be enjoyable those kids, mainly girls, I know, that like reading diary-type stories. Plus, it’s true and one I would compare to Zlata’s Diary, published back in the mid-90’s about a girl’s life in Sarajevo. A pretty good selection for today’s society, though I personally enjoyed Zlata’s Diary a bit better. That being said, the reader will still learn something about Israel’s strife and Bat-Chen herself and as well as get their dose of diary writing that so many enjoy.

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