Monday, March 24, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Environment Books for Young Readers

For me, the hardest thing to do, as a librarian, is to find age appropriate non-fiction books for younger readers. When a mom or dad comes to me and says they want their young kids to start "learning" about different subjects, but can't yet read or are just beginning to read, the search is really on. First Step Non-Fiction books, published by Lerner, are awesome for this purpose, especially on an issue as big in society today as the environment.

The three books in the Ecology series, People and the Environment, Animals and the Environment, and Plants and the Environment, are created to inform children, on a simplistic level, as to not overwhelm them with big words, "boring" text, or too much information. Each page is presented with one sentence about the particular topic, with one main word written in bold. The bolded word can then be expanded on in the short glossary located at the back of the book. Each page also depicts a large photograph, acting out the sentence.

The books are just right for little hands, not only in their size, but in the amount of pages, approximately 23, including the glossary and index. I really enjoy this series and believe it will be great for those younger kids wanting non-fiction books. In addition to the Ecology series, there are 18 other categories, each with a various number of books included.

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