Monday, March 31, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Good Night World series

With a new baby on the way and lots of babies in the library at any given time, board books are always on my mind, for better or for worse. A lot of board books are just pictures with one or two words on them, allowing babies and toddlers to get the feel for what a book is, as well as stick it in their mouths and not have it disintegrate. A plus all around! This series, however, is a great bedtime series that puts a little more into the “board book” concept, while still maintaining their simplified book status.

The three books in the series that I own, Good Night Beach, Good Night America, and Good Night Zoo are all pretty great. Very similar to the infamous Good Night Moon in nature, each page presents a different item we’re saying “good night” to, and even good morning and good afternoon, but focusing on a specific topic. In the America book, we say good night to the White House. In Beach we say good night to the waves. And in Zoo we say good night to the monkeys. YAY for monkeys! We love monkeys in my family, probably because my husband is one. :-)

These are great bedtime books for teaching about our world, but also settling down for the evening. As with Good Night Moon, kids will enjoy saying good night to different, familiar things, or even not-so-familiar, allowing them to learn more each night, even in such a scaled down version of a non-fiction book. The series includes over 20 different titles, focusing mainly on states and major cities around the U.S.

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Cloudscome said...

These sound like fun. I think my three year old would enjoy them. Thanks for the review.