Monday, March 17, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Let's Clear the Air

Since my first post for Non-Fiction Monday was one for a younger crowd, I figured I should throw one in for the older kids as well. There are lots of “anti-smoking” books out there, aimed at all different age ranges, though this is presented in a quick, easy to read format that is actually interesting, rather than preachy.

Let’s Clear the Air: Reasons Not to Start Smoking is not written by any one particular person, though it does include a foreword by Christy Turlington. She explains how she first started smoking at 13, why she did it, and how and when she quit. The book then goes on to list 10 reasons why kids should not start smoking, each reason having its own, individual chapter. Each reason also has an except from a child or teen, explaining why that particular reason is meaningful to them. There are also fast fact blocks included every couple of pages, describing consequences of smoking, as well as descriptions of specific activist movements in history surrounding smoking and cigarettes.

Overall, this book is filled with facts, some simple, some rather gruesome, all of which are great reasons not to start smoking. The parts that will really hit home to kids are the personal accounts written by real kids for the teens and older children reading the book. Those written accounts are what make the book go by so quickly and actually make it an enjoyable read. Let’s Clear the Air is an excellent book for schools and libraries to have on hand for kids to pick up just to read or as the basis for a project on anti-smoking.

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Kailana said...

I wish people would read this book and listen to it!