Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oliver Has Something to Say

Oliver Has Something to Say, written by Pamela Edwards and illustrated by Louis Pilon, is an adorable story of a little boy that has lots to say, but too many people to say it for him. Every time Oliver is asked a questions by someone, one of his family members decides to speak up before Oliver has even a remote chance to answer. Somehow, Oliver has become afraid of dogs, loves trains, and doesn't want more spaghetti at dinner, even though those aren't the actual answers Oliver would have given to the questions he was asked.

I thought this was a very cute book and one that young children will very much enjoy. The illustrations are vibrant and bold and the story is one that will have them in giggles. Oliver has the best facial expressions each time someone else answers a question directed at him. For children that are often afraid to speak up, this is an excellent book to encourage them to tell us adults how they really feel (to an extent of course :-).

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Cheryl said...

I agree, Amanda. I love this book, too. I think it really speaks to how a shy person feels. (I also reviewed the book.) Glad to see your review!