Monday, March 24, 2008

Thirteen by Lauren Myracle

Thirteen is the follow-up novel to Lauren Myracle's bestselling Eleven and Twelve books. Winnie Perry is finally a teenager and ready to make the most of it. Unfortunately, as soon as she graces the teenage world with her presence, teenage size problems start coming with her every day routine. Her best friends are each growing up at their own pace; one waaay too slow and the other waaay too fast, leaving Winnie feeling completely confused and alone. Not to mention Lars, Winnie's amazing boyfriend, who starts to be not-so-amazing. And let's not even bring up her home life. No. BIG changes are happening at home too, bringing with them their own slew of problems.

Winnie is caught in the middle of everything and nothing at the same time. She starts to wonder if she really does want to be a teenager after all. Life at eleven and twelve was complicated, but nothing compares to her life now!

Even if you haven't read the other books in Myracle's series, you can still enjoy Thirteen. It's great for teen girls and even good for those that are still in the "tween" stages. Enough fluff to satisfy the girliest of girls (makeup, dresses, boys) and enough substance to make it a great, humorous story (home life, problems). I laughed out loud several times while reading and am wondering if a Fourteen is in the works.

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Jackeline said...

I love this book so much I ead it like five times it's the best book ever I love Lauren Myracles books. There sooooo awsome