Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tin Angel by Shannon Cowan

Tin Angel is definitely not a simple book, with a mindless plot that readers can quickly get through and forget about as they move on to their next book. This is another selection I would label as incredibly intense, leaving me somewhat bewildered at the end, and not really sure how I felt about what I had just read. I enjoyed the story and was definitely sucked right in from the beginning, however I was left a little lost on the final page.

The prologue introduces us to our protagonist, revealing that she is fourteen and being arrested for the murder of a man, presumably at his funeral. Heart grabbing isn’t it? We then move into the story where we learn that the girl, Ronnie, has lived all of her life at beautiful Raven’s Mountain Lodge, where the family is seemingly cut off from the outside world, except for their guests of course. Ronnie and her sister are homeschooled and their parents only make the trek to town once in a great while for necessary supplies. Ronnie loves this life and wouldn’t change it for anything. When Louis Moss comes to stay as a guest and Ronnie learns he wants to buy the lodge from her family, she is at first frightened, but knows her father would never allow that to happen. Unfortunately, when Ronnie’s father passes away months later, all of Ronnie’s knowledge of her life is taken away.

Ronnie, her mother, and sister must move to town, to the complete unfamiliar, supposedly still under the wing of Louis Moss. Ronnie begins getting into trouble at school, mainly at the fault of ignorance at how to act, her mother falls into a deep depression, and Louis Moss slowly begins to ruin their lives. When an unexpected meeting at Ronnie’s old home ends in Moss being dead, Ronnie is accused of murdering him. Ronnie isn’t even sure if she killed him or not, leading the reader to believe that every single character in the novel has something to hide.

This is definitely a mystery, though one that I’m not sure was ever solved. The reader knows that Ronnie didn’t kill Louis Moss, at least until she begins to suspect herself. Up until that point, I was very much involved in the story, but when the character became detached from herself, I felt myself detach as well. Still a great thriller that teens will love, Tin Angel left me a bit confused, but I definitely enjoyed the read!

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Booklogged said...

Sounds like it got off to a great start. Too bad it didn't pan out.