Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Alphabet and Some Pets

Not only am I an expectant first-time mommy and a children’s librarian, but I’m also an incredible pet lover, three reasons I fell in love with these two alphabet books. Twin sisters Andrea Burris, writer, and Anna Schad, illustrator, have created two different alphabet books, The Kitty Cat Alphabet Book and A Dog Lover’s Alphabet Book, both of which get stellar reviews from this blogger!

I was a little partial to A Dog Lover’s Alphabet Book, for no reason other than I am totally dog obsessed. As most of you know, I own one dog (as well as menagerie of other animals), my pit bull-terrier mix Shae, a rescue, and wish I could have about ten more jus like her. The adorable rhymes and hilarious pictures set up a great reading experience, as each page highlights a letter and a different dog. My favorite letter is “N.”

“N is for never, ‘Are you listening, young man?!
We’ve been down that puppy road time and again!
The piddling, the chewing, the whining at night!
We’ll take the floppy-eared one on the right.’”

The Kitty Cat Alphabet Book
is great as well and is written and illustrated in the same manner as the dog book (I believe this one was actually published first). Though I don’t love cats quite as much as dogs, I do still adore them and I now adore this book. With the kitties, my favorite letter is “G.”

“G is for going, first out and then in.
They stand there pondering on where they’ve been.
And then they decide once you’ve closed the door,
that they’d rather be where they were before.”

Oh how true is that?! In my world, the dog does the exact same thing. Wants out, then in, then back out. Silly animals!

With great rhymes, very funny illustrations, and lovable animals, these two books are fantastic works by sisters Andrea Burris and Anna Schad. Teaching the alphabet is lots of fun, especially when awesome books like these are available to reference with! I only wish to know how the sisters work together so well. I can’t imagine my brother and I sitting down to write one sentence together, let alone writing and illustrating a book!

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