Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure Meets Graphic Novel

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure series, where readers could basically decide how the plot turned out by simply making a decision every couple of pages. I loved those books and was so bummed when they stopped making them publishing them. Well, I guess my sadness has ended AND been updated for today’s kids.

Graphic Universe, a Lerner imprint, has begun putting out the “Twisted Journeys” series, which is part text, part graphic novel, and still puts the reader in control of the story. Just like the old books that I enjoyed so much, every couple of pages, a question is posed to the reader and where he or she chooses to go ultimately decides what other pages they read.

Not only are these books fun and interactive, they also get kids (ahem, young boys) reading, which is a big challenge sometimes. With “Twisted Journeys” they get the control they like, the graphic novel they love, and a pretty decent story, all mixed into one book. These are bound to be successful books with both boys and girls and even those adults that loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books as much as I did.


Johnoghue said...


Awesome, interactive graphic novels is a great idea, thanks for the link. I to was sad when Bantam stopped publish CYOAs, but did you know they are being republished?



Amanda said...

I didn't know that!!! Thanks for the info!