Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Little Suspense...

I haven't been reading that many books in the suspense genre lately, a disappointing fact I believe is due to the seemingly endless amount of picture books and middle grade fantasy fiction I still have to review, so this weekend I was determined to finish two that have been on my shelves for quite awhile, one young adult, one adult. Gotta get some more book shelf space cleared off before my little guy arrives!

Fakie, written by Tony Varrato is a very small book in size (at least the ARC I received was), but packs quite the punch. It's filled with action, from the moment the first page is opened and I was sucked in, quickly turning pages throughout the entire novel.

Several years ago, Alex Miller witnessed something he shouldn't have and as a result, a very dangerous man landed behind bars and Alex and his mother had no choice but to enter the Witness Relocation Program. They've moved countless times, and taken on many different identities, determined not to let such an evil man ever catch up with them. Alex's latest home is in Virginia Beach, where he has taken on the persona of a typical teen, slightly obsessed with skateboarding. He makes friends pretty quickly and manages to blend in very well, the ultimate trick to remaining in one place for more time. Unfortunately, the bad guys are close on Alex's trail and will stop at nothing to silence Alex forever.

If you have a reluctant reader in the house, namely a male one, this is a book to definitely put in their hands. It's short, coming in at only 143 pages and is so fast paced, the story just flies by. I think I finished this one in less than an hour! It was very enjoyable and one for the library shelves.

Forsaken, my adult selection in the suspense category is written by James David Jordan and set to be published in October of this year. It follows Taylor Pasbury, a former Secret Service agent, who has started her own security business and is subsequently given a very high profile first client. Simon Mason is a world famous televangelist who has begun receiving numerous threats from Muslim terrorists, needing Taylor to protect him and his family.

When the terrorists make good on one of their threats, Taylor and Simon both realize what is at stake in each of their lives. Both possess more than a few secrets and as fear levels get higher, some of those secrets are bound to come out. Taylor must work harder than she ever imagined to keep Simon and his family alive, not to mention herself.

The beginning of this novel started out great, describing the events that led Taylor to pursue the life she now leads. It was exciting and engaging until about the middle of the book, where I felt it stalled a bit. Taylor's character seemed a bit unbelievable at times, in her actions and dialog, though emotionally she also could come off as very real. Just me being nit-picky probably! Though, with the amount of books I read and review, it's hard not to be nit-picky! Overall, I did enjoy the book and if you are a fan of Christan suspense, you probably will too.


Joy said...

Fakie sounds great! I'm putting that one on my TBR list, too. Thank you.

Amanda said...

No problem :-)