Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moms and Dads

Where would we be without mom and dad? Absolutely nowhere! That’s why I figured some books chronicling our time spent with those two, ever-so-important individuals was in order. Both are picture books, great for reading with the kiddies!

First, A Day with Dad, written by Bo R. Holmberg and illustrated by Eva Eriksson is the sweet telling of a boy’s date with his dad. Very subtly it is explained that the boy’s parents are divorced and sometimes Tim’s dad takes the train to spend the day in the city with him. On this particular trip, the pair buy hot dogs from a street vendor, take in a cartoon movie at the theater, read a book at the library, and share some pizza and sodas at a local shop. At each place, Tim declares: “this is my dad!”

Each page is both beautifully written and illustrated. I love the relationship that Tim has with his dad, showing both love and affection. The activities the boy and his father participate in are simple, yet it is obvious they mean so much to Tim, if only because he gets to do them with his dad. I also liked how the story did not focus on Tim being a child of divorce, but only on the aspect of spending a day with his father. A very cute book for dads and sons to read together, or fathers and daughters of course!

The second book, focusing on good ol’ mom, is the very sweet If I Could: A Mother’s Promise, written by Susan Milord and illustrated by Christopher Denise. The format of this book is what caught me right away, I love big letters, making story time much easier, but the story tugged at the very pregnant heartstrings inside of me. Sniff, sniff, the hormones are winning!

If I Could is all about a mama raccoon telling her little one how very much she loves him and how she would do anything for him that she could. The day is very ordinary, but mama makes sure her son knows that she would do all sorts of things for him, if she could. My favorite line is:

“If I could,

I’d sing a song

To make the stars wink

All night long.”

Awwwwwww. Sniff, sniff! The illustrations are beautifully done in soft tones, making this a great book for both bedtime or naptime. As I said, the letters are nice and big, with delicate illustrations, making this perfect for the parent or librarian doing a read aloud or even for those beginning readers that need the bigger visual. This is a very sweet story and one that is a must for all home bookshelves.

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