Monday, April 21, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Bugs!

I know I'm running a bit late today with my Non-Fiction Monday post, but it is still indeed Monday and only 6pm here in Mountain time! I had the chance to review this great book series this week and I'm really excited to share it, hence the better-late-than-never posting!

Lerner Publishing has put out an Insect World series consisting of eight different titles. I was able to review 4 of those titles:

Termites: Hardworking Insect Families
Praying Mantises: Hungry Insect Heroes
Luna Moths: Masters of Change
Hornets: Incredible Insect Architects

I cannot express enough how cool these books are and how great they will be for using in a classroom or home environment. I can see kids picking these up for both reports and entertainment reading, the combo of which typically means a great book! Each title includes large, color photographs of different stages of the insect's life cycle, diagrams, one sentence facts presented in boxs in addition to the text, a glossary, and activities/crafts the reader can participate in according to the topic. In the Termite book, a "Build Like a Termite" craft is described and in the Hornet title the reader can learn how to make paper like hornets do. Very cool!

Series like this are great for so many reasons, but the best is that they will immediately intrigue kids with their bright covers and cool photographs and the reader will learn a whole bunch of new facts while enjoy those elements. I plan to not only order these for the library, but I'll also be giving some as gifts to a young bug lover I know!

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