Monday, April 7, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Cool Animals

As most of us librarians (and moms) know, animal books are almost always a hit with kids, whether fiction or non-fiction based. This week's non-fiction post has two very different types of animals, both very cool in their own way.

My favorite of these two books is Slimy Sea Slugs written by Natalie Lunis. The book is part of a series titled "No Backbone! The World of Invertebrates" and is filled with amazing photographs. Sea slugs are not necessarily one of the better known species authors write about when producing children's books, but this selection has lots of interesting facts, written on a level that children can understand. It also includes a brief glossary of bolded words, a short index, and a condensed bibliography, just in case the kiddos want to learn a bit more about these weird, yet intriguing sea animals. Again, the photographs really are what do this book justice, as the colors are bold and bright, not to mention they aren't typical animals kids see everyday, making them all the more interesting to look at.

The next book is another "water animal" choice, though this time we're focusing on Whales. The book, written by Lisa Rao, is part of a "Smart Animals" series that includes 12 other titles. Photographs on each page are surrounded by text about different types of smart whales, though the author seems to focus mainly on humpback and beluga whales (my favorite). There are little bubbles containing even more facts about the whales in places throughout the book, as well as a glossary, index, and short bibliography.

Both books are probably great for kids starting at around age 7 or 8, though younger children will get a kick out of the great photographs and mom or dad can always read the text out loud. Awesome choices for just looking at or for using in actual school projects.

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