Monday, April 28, 2008

Non-Fiction Monday: Hey Daddy!

In my house, we're all about "daddy" books lately! As the baby grows in my belly, the husband wants to be more and more involved, and has been doing a lot of reading to our son the past few weeks. Cute huh? Well this week's Non-Fiction Monday selection may not be the best for reading to a still-growing baby-in-the-womb, but it is a pretty cool book for dads and their kids to share together.

Hey, Daddy! Animal Fathers and Their Babies is written by Mary Batten and illustrated by Higgins Bond. Different animal species and the father's roles are chronicled on each page, accompanied by beautiful illustrations. The text is a bit long at times, but the information is extensive and written in a flowing manner, one that will hold children's interests. The reader gets to learn about the known responsible animal fathers, such as penguins and seahorses, but also some not-so-well-known dads, like baboons and beavers.

As the author states on the last page, "It takes someone very special to be a good daddy" and that is very apparent in the text of this book. There are all types of cool facts that kids will get a kick out of (and the dads too). Have your hubby read this to your kids, it will be a great bonding experience!

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Shirley said...

I love this book. It has a teacher guide to go with it. I know, because I wrote it! It's a great father's day gift, too.