Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On Tour with Alex and Brett a Giveaway!

There are so many "self-help" books out there, many of which are directed towards teens, though not many of those actually speak to teens on their level. Do Hard Things, the new book by nineteen year old twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris, takes the idea of low expectations in teens and explains, in a teenager's language, how to rebel against that concept.

The boys call it a "rebelution," combining a rebellion against low expectations by growing numbers of teenagers, in short, a new revolution for a different generation. Using scripture, real-life stories, and God's teachings, the boys lay out five powerful ways in which teens can rebel against the expectations set for them and prove themselves to be so much more. The reader gets a great look into real "rebelutions" going on all over the world and the teens that are leading them.

The books evoked excitement and motivation within me and I'm not even a teenager! I wanted to get out of my chair and start doing something, anything really, after reading the words these boys wrote and I really believe that the teens that read this book will have the same sort of reaction. The message is powerful and intense, though completely necessary in today's society. Teens really need someone on their own level to tell them how to be successful and get out of the rut many find themselves in. Through God, Alex and Brett Harris are that voice.

Leave a comment here by Sunday night, April 20, and I'll pick a winner to receive a copy of this awesome book. Read it yourself and then pass it on to a teen you care about. If you don't win, just click on the book cover above to purchase the book at Happy reading!


Brett Harris said...

Dear Amanda,

I wanted to comment for two reasons: (1) to thank you for your very kind words about our book and (2) to ask if you'd be willing to post your review on the book's page?

What you've written here would be very helpful to people considering whether to buy the book. Either way we've been blessed by your words. =)

In Christ Alone,
Brett Harris

windycindy said...

Hi, I have been reading many great things about these twin brothers and their book! They and their book sound
fantastic. I do think that not only teens, but many adults could use their inspiration. Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it! Thanks,Cindi

Tisa said...

I've never heard of this book but it sounds very interesting book! Please count me in the drawing! Thanks! ~ :)

K said...

This sounds like a really good book! I had never heard of it, that is, until you did this review. It sounds like it would be good for both adults and teens to read. Thanks for sharing it! Please add my name to the drawing.

Grateful Gramma said...

Please enter me too. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Everyone is entered...and Brett, the review is up on Amazon. :-)

Charlotte said...

This sounds like a great one for my public library! But the unmotivated teens aren't often motivated enough to take books home with them...