Friday, April 4, 2008

Poetry Friday: Where is Spring?

I know many of you are asking yourselves where the beautiful Spring season is, what with snow and storms all across the country. I promise I won't rub it in that it was 75 degrees here yesterday. :-) Where is Spring? is a lovely poem that has been turned into a picture book for children, focusing on just where Spring is and just where it can be found in every day life.

Yang-Huan created a quaint world, featuring a young boy that is curious as to where to find Spring. He sends his beloved kite up into the air to investigate around him, into places the boy cannot see. What he finds, is Spring in faces of new flowers, in the fields by the river, and within the puffy white clouds that dot the bright blue sky. The gorgeous illustrations, done by H.Y. Huang and A. Yang provide the perfect backdrop for this flowy poem.

I've never been one to sit down and read a book of poems, making a picture book like this right up my alley. It's one poem, turned into a beautiful book, that really makes the reader feel as if he or she is reading a story. Great for a Poetry Friday choice and well as a one on one sit down with a child.

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