Saturday, April 19, 2008

Really, Truly Bingo

Creator the fabulous Zelda and Ivy series, Laura McGee Kvasnosky, is back with a delightful picture book that is sure to put smiles on children’s faces. Really Truly Bingo follows Bea, a little girl with a big imagination, who wants to play with her mother, but her mother is busy working. “Use your imagination” she is told and that is exactly what Bea does.

With the help of a talking dog named Bingo, Bea has a fantastic time outside in the yard, keeping herself occupied. Digging holes in the garden and filling them with pillows (to make a fort of course), running through the sprinkler, making daisy chains out of her mother’s flowers, Bea uses her imagination all afternoon, with the help of Bingo, of course. When her mother comes out to check on her, Bea definitely has some explaining to do!

The illustrations, also done by the author, are the perfect companion to this cute story. My only “issue” with the plot is when Bea’s mother bluntly responds with “I’m busy!” when Bea asks her to play with her. I didn’t really like the flatness of that response, though I realize that without her mother being busy, Bea would never have gotten involved with Bingo! Overall, this is a cute story that will have the kids giggling at Bea’s innocent…ahem…imaginative, antics.

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