Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've seriously been getting very lucky with my book choices lately. I've been reading a ton of ARCs and a whole bunch of adult books that I just hadn't had time to get to and I can't really complain a whole lot about any of them. Each book I've read in the past week or two has been excellent, which always makes a reader happy! Savvy, written by newcomer Ingrid Law and scheduled to be published this May, was one of those great books that I just couldn't put down from start to finish. It is definitely a quick read, held my attention the entire time, and had me rooting for every single character involved in the plot, of which there are quite a few!

Mississippi, better known as Mibs, Beaumont is just about to turn 13, an age at which everyone in her family looks forward to reaching. The Beaumonts are not exactly the most ordinary family, each possessing something called a "savvy" or special power they are granted at age 13. Mib's older brother Fish can control the weather, her other brother Rocket uses electricity to his advantage (or disadvantage as the case often is), and her mother is perfect, even going so far as to make mistakes perfectly. Mibs has no idea what her savvy will be, but hopes it is something that can really help people.

When her father is in a horrible car accident hundreds of miles away, the day before her birthday, Mibs knows that all plans for a great birthday are dashed, as everyone is worried sick over whether or not Papa will live. Mother goes to be with Papa at the hospital and the children are put in the care of their Pastor's wife, Miss Rosemary, who happens to bring her two children along, Will Jr. and Bobbi, two "normal" kids that have always looked down upon the crazy Beaumont clan. As the day of Mib's birthday arrives and she believes she discovers just what her savvy is, she knows she has to get to the hospital in order to save her father. What ensues is a wonderful adventure filled with a pink bus, talking tattoos, and lots of new friends.

Though written for the middle grade crowd, Savvy is going to score points across the board (Shhh...I even see Cybils in the future). The characters are perfectly created and the adventure aspects are fantastic. I really liked how the author incorporated magic and faith into the same book, something we readers definitely don't see every day. Though each member of the family has a magic power, they still rely on their faith in God to see them through each day. I love to see that in books! Ingrid Law definitely has a promising writing career ahead of her!

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