Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sushi Anyone?

Food, romance, and some great Christian faith makes for one awesome book. In Camy Tang's first book, Sushi for One, we are introduced to one very cool woman, a large, family, and a great deal of Asian cuisine. When you meet Lex Sakai, you'll want to not only be her friend, but also sit down to an expansive meal with her!

Poor Lex. A twenty-something Asian-American that is somewhat obsessed with volleyball, truly loves her culture and the Lord, and is completely fed up with her meddling family. Her grandmother, nosy as can be, insists that Lex find a boyfriend before her cousin’s summer wedding, or else she will stop sponsoring the junior high volleyball team that Lex is passionate about coaching. What Lex really wants to concentrate on is finding a new job, moving out of her dad’s house, and getting a spot on a prestigious volleyball team where she can finally showcase her skills. Her grandmother’s ultimatum has put her in an incredibly tight spot. Lex doesn’t want to fail her girl’s volleyball team, but she also doesn’t want to fail herself either or God either by rushing into something she just isn't ready for.

Suffering through several hilarious (though miserable, I’m sure) dates and mishaps all along the way, Lex is determined not to let the girls down. Romance is somewhat difficult for her, due to a secret in her past, but if she shows fear, Lex knows she’ll run the potential man of her dreams off, exactly what she does not want to do. Through disasters, injuries, and backstabbing family members, Lex Sakai never forgets her connection to God and that He is truly the one she needs to make happy in her life.

Is it weird that my favorite part of this book is the food descriptions?! Ok, maybe not my favorite, but you have no idea how delicious and tantalizing the dishes sound! It seemed like every page I turned I was craving something else yummy. By the end, I didn’t care what it was; I needed some Asian cuisine in my life! Unfortunately, the crazy pregnancy-induced high blood pressure is putting a hold on all things salty, so I just had to dream. A little less than 4 months and I’m going back through this book and finding a restaurant that serves these dishes!

Camy Tang truly has a knack for awesome description and not just with the food. Her descriptions of each of Lex’s relatives and their hilarious antics was right on the ball, as was her subtle influx of Christian beliefs. The book is very much a Christian fiction novel, but in no way was it preachy or “too much,” which I loved. I know that all the readers of this book were really rooting for Lex, not only in finding a man that would love her for exactly who she was, but also for all the other positives that Lex really has in her life. I loved this book and can’t wait to get my copy of Only Uni, the second of the series.

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Camy Tang said...

Thanks so much, Amanda! I'm so glad you liked the book! Only Uni has lots of food, too--I hope your pregnancy blood pressure lets you indulge by then!